Get Involved

Want to help make sure everyone has enough to eat in Rockbridge County? Your support matters. Here are some ways you can get involved.


Food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters can always use extra hands to do the work. Volunteer opportunities might include picking up grocery store donations, helping shoppers in pantries, stocking items, entering information in the computer, delivering food offsite, or prepping food boxes. Contact an organization near you to ask about their specific volunteer needs.

Support Local Organizations

Donors make it possible for nonprofits that feed people to acquire and distribute hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, and to reach more people in our community. Visit the websites of local, anti-hunger organizations to learn how to make a difference with your financial gift. 

Raise Your Voice

If the issue of food insecurity matters to you, let your elected officials hear from you.  To read more about the public policy priorities at the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, click here. Or subscribe to Advocacy Alerts from the Food Bank to receive updates in your email inbox.